Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pitching 10 Commandments - Baseball Pitching

Ok, I'm going to try to regularly contribute to this blog. The best thing will be that we can go back and find the information when we need it. Here is a Top Ten list of pitching tips that I have compiled and come up with:

1. Your best pitch is strike one. (thank you/hat tip to Todd Stottlemyre)
2. Believe in the 4 C's (Concentration, Composure, Control and Confidence)
3. Work quickly to give your defense a chance to play on their toes and field well.
4. When ahead 0-2 and 1-2 in the counts, miss in the right spots.
5. When in doubt, bust the hitter in on the hands.
6. However, the low and away corner shall always be a golden target.
7. Wind up slowly to throw the ball quickly; and work quickly while the the hitter is working slowly.
8. In high school, you can win with two pitches you control; with three pitches you will be Lights Out!
9. Make your own breaks (field your position, work your pickoffs and get ahead of the hitters)

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