Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Skills, Skills, Skills

"If you aim to steal 30 or 40 bases a year, you it by surprising the other side. But if your goal is 50 or 100 bases, the element of surprise doesn't matter. You go even though they know you're going to go.  Then each steal becomes a contest, matching your skills against theirs." - Hall of Fame outfielder Lou Brock - former Cub and Cardinal

Ok all you baseball nuts out there, here we sit in late January pining for Spring and the arrival of pitchers and catchers to Florida and Arizona.

At the collegiate, high school and youth levels - kids are working on their game getting ready for the upcoming season. One way players can get ready for the upcoming season is to hone up on the love of the contest and to work on their baseball skills.  It's a great time to start swinging the bat, throwing the baseball and getting the legs in shape for baseball type activity.  

It doesn't have to be everyday, but about 2-3 times a week is perfect. If hitting, it doesn't have to be live pitching - it could be soft toss, tee work or even just dry swings.  For pitchers, it doesn't have to involve throwing hard - just work on the basics. The basics for pitchers would be the windup/set stances, the motion, balance and getting the arm into the proper throwing position.

On the mental side, players should be analyzing their own goals and expectation and getting them down in writing.  They should be specific goals and specific expectations. Players should be doing a lot of visualizing and mental preparation.

January is almost over. At that point, we're just about 4 weeks from Spring Training games!!

Mitch Powitz

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