Saturday, January 30, 2010

Georgia Peach on a Cold January Morning...

"Baseball was one hundred percent my life." - Ty Cobb, Detroit Tigers
On this frigid winter morning, there are thoughts of baseball diamonds, white leather spheres and bats running through my brain. 

I can see the players lined up in the outfield, getting stretched out. I visualize them throwing and then going through the pre-game workout.

On the pro level its a few weeks away. On the collegiate level, its just about here. At the high school level (at least in NJ) we start up March 5th!!

With this in mind, the advice we get from the great "Georgia Peach" - Tyrus Cobb, tells us that - we should be thinking about all this already as we prepare for the upcoming season.

He lets us know that to be the best at whatever you choose, it takes a 100% effort - physically, mentally, emotionally. So whether we are going to be engineers, accountants, bankers, teachers, nurses, attorneys, entrepreneurs - go at it with everything back. If you hold - you run the risk of looking back on the moments and saying "What if I had given 100%?"

So on the cold New Jersey morning, take a little time to reflect about the choices you make, look in the mirror and decide where you are going to put your 100%. You can't change the past, but you can surely shape the future.

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