Monday, March 23, 2009

It's all about the finish

Sometimes, we get lost in the journey. We have grand expectations. We have the latest technology and gear. We map it all out.

And, somewhere along the way, it all falls in the gutter.

So then it's back to the drawing board - and in the words of the Kinks & Ray Davies - time to "Do it all over again."

So why am I harping on this?

I just watched the baseball team I coach, play a roller coaster of a game and tie our opponents, 12-12. We had the big lead (5-0); We gave up big runs (then 6-5). We had the clutch homer to tie (6-6). We jumped ahead again (9-6). Set them down in order in the sixth with blazing fastballs and three straight strikeouts. We fell apart, with the same exact pitcher and defense (12-9 to fall behind). Then we staged the heroic rally to tie it at 12, before being set down. All in a scrimmage baseball game that will be forgotten sooner than anyone will realize.

The point that should not be forgotten, is - if we could have found a way to finish the job, complete the mission, bring about resolution - we would have proven to be winners. Winners find a way to finish on the winning side. They don't make mistakes. They don't give away the game. The put pressure on opposing teams and opponents.

Winners finish. Winners don't go home 12-12.

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