Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blinding By the Light

Ok blogging world, here goes my latest attempt to pursue a goal that started more than 20+ years ago when I was taking journalism classes at the University of Delaware - a goal to write on a regular basis and have people read what I write.

The 2nd part of that statement will be the challenge!

I chose to title this entry "Blinded by the Light" after the Bruce Springsteen penned song. The song, with its jangly guitar riff opening, introduced the world to Bruce Springsteen as it is the first song on his first album "Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ." I look at it as representing life, a baby coming out of the womb - and behold - being blinded by the light. Or someone on the way to stardom.

Ironically, as I drove my wife to the hospital on the morning of Feb. 6, 1997, when she was to be induced into labor - as we turned on the radio dial to one of NY City's rock'n'roll radio stations - the first sounds we heard was - you guessed it - "Blinded by the Light." A few hours later, we were parents as we witnessed the birth of twin daughters.

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